Monday, November 30, 2009


I got a phone call on Friday from the Mail on Sunday newspaper asking me if I was too posh to stand for trendy Brighton Kemptown

Here's my reply to his subsequent email:

Dear Brendan

Thank you for your email. I started using Simon Radford-Kirby as well as Simon Kirby when I married my lovely wife Elizabeth Radford in 1992.

When I was first elected to represent the people of Brighton Kemptown seventeen years ago on the East Sussex County Council I used Simon Kirby as I did throughout my business life in Brighton (where when I started in the early 90s we had so little money that I mixed the concrete and laid the floorboards in our first pub myself because we could not afford to pay anyone else to do it).

I grew up in a council house in nearby Hastings,went to the local primary and grammar school. I have lived in a small terraced house in the constituency. So no. Not too posh. I am extremely happy and proud to have the opportunity to represent a diverse urban constituency. I am as happy watching Whitehawk play football in East Brighton (I'll be there in the rain tomorrow)as I am having Sunday lunch with my family in historic Rottingean. As happy visiting Falmer High School in Moulsecoomb as to speak at the famous Roedean School.

KIRBY also fits much better on the posters!

I have never received (or given) any advice to change my name or to use one rather than the other.

One advantage of having the two names is that it provides a little separation for my wife and children. I am however the same person. Simon Kirby or Simon Radford-Kirby. I am just concentrating on working hard and doing my best for the people of Brighton Kemptown. Whatever name I use, I have their interests at heart.

Kind Regards

Simon Kirby

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